Marketing Services

Driven by her marketing experience at various multinationals, as a Marketing Consultant, Farah specializes in Customer Experience and tackles your customer and marketing challenges by offering tailor-made consulting and training services.

Achieve growth through data driven insights and hands-on solutions with a creative twist.

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marketing Consulting

Need a marketing professional to support your team or business? Farah is specialized in digital marketing, customer experience, innovation & change. Farah loves all businesses that are agile, sustainable or FMCG related. Want to know more? Let’s have a drink.

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marketing workshop

Looking for a fresh breeze of inspiration? From a 2-hour workshop to tailor-made sessions and marketing courses. Always hands-on with immediately applicable actions. Your next workshop is but a click away.



You can't be productive when you're hangry. That's why we work with the best international chefs and mixologists to turn your company event, meeting or workshop into an absolute success. From organized events to private or business occassions, we’ll make sure you’ll never leave hungry or thirsty.



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