Discover our Partners

We like to surround ourselves with like-minded professionals. Driven by passion, artisanship and quality. Always looking to break the status quo. It’s what keeps us going and what brings us together. As a team we deliver great experiences. Meet our partners!


atelier paul morel

Paul Morel is a beverage wizard. He transforms any ingredient into a unforgettable drink. By thinking outside the box he creates new beverage experiences. Inspired by his travels and love for food, he knows how to bring a dish to the next level by serving it with the perfect drink. Paul is our ultimate go-to man when it comes to liquid delights.

Sander goossens

Sander is no ordinary patissier. He likes to rebel and experiment with flavours. It’s a true art to offer something so complex yet present it so simple at the same time. Currently working at Bakery Domestic, with his experience at Pierre Marcolini, Espai sucre in Barcelona and Saturne in Paris, Sander is our pastry hero.

sander goossens.jpg

Koen ghesquière

When you meet Koen, you meet a lovely, down-to-earth man. Creating is what he loves to do most. Every day he tests new ways to bring his vision to life. His eyes sparkle every time we ask him to create new tea cups, matcha bowls or plates and say: “Do whatever you like, we trust you!”. By using different temperatures, techniques and coatings, every piece of ceramic that Koen creates is a unique work of art.