The Noodle Agency is founded by Farah Soeleimansjah and launched in 2017 after wanting to combine her various passions; Marketing, Tea and Food.

The Noodle Agency is a creative hub that offers Marketing Consulting, Tea Experiences and Unique Food & Beverage Events.

During the day, Farah works as a freelance Marketing Consultant, specialized in customer experience, innovation and change management. Combining both strategical vision with operational output to achieve business goals.

Farah also has a passion for tea and often travels to countries like Taiwan and Japan to directly source sustainable tea from small, local farmers. You can taste and purchase her tea during events and upon request.

Together with her partner Paul Morel from Atelier Paul Morel, Farah and Paul organize events twice a month ranging from Bar Nights to Modern Tea Experiences and Dinner Events where they invite international chefs who show off their skills. Curious about an event? Check out our calendar and book your seat here!

Do you have a special private or business occassion and are you looking for a unique experience? Contact us and let us cater to your specific needs.